Race Director

Ben works as business analyst during the week and has worked on large scale projects for finance and utility businesses.

With a passion for maps he will often poor over an area to design new routes for races before rushing off to check the accuracy of what is on paper!  He loves to come up with routes that surprise and challenge participants.

With a background in large business operations Ben is able to design and configure the databases to match the needs of complex events and has designed a bespoke products specifically for adventure races and obstacle races.

Event Consultant

Ted is “Retired” after working for many years in education in teaching Outdoor Education and then Business Technology.

Ted has competed at the highest level in Orienteering and has been involved in organising more than one World championships. He is one of only a handful of IOF advisors in the UK.

He enjoys getting people involved in running and has helped set up Livingston Parkrun and working on the Junior Parkrun.

Ted is the technology expert and has built bespoke applications for timing events as well as building race clocks.

The rest of the family

Nic – Fellow race director and full of cunning plans.

Val – Expert in ideas and design.

Ewan – The best race marshal (even works up trees).

Simon – The Medic and test subject.

Lindsay – Organiser and idea control.

Fiona -  Marshal and child wrangler.

Esme and Lucy – The best medal presenters.

Benny and Sully – The best (and loudest) cheer squad.